Open Letter: To the Young, Seeking, Daughter of the King

To the Young, Seeking Daughter,
It’s not wise to fling “wide open” at the smallest things. I know how even the slightest validation of your beauty can cause your heart to stir. But truth is, a man can flatter and flirt with you, speaking to long-existent voids, and have no intentions of pursuing you. I promise you’re worth the pursuit. He can sleep with you, awakening the hope of acceptance, but have no intentions of keeping you. Beauty, you’re so worth being kept.
Acceptance and security, the opposite of insecurity, are found in Our Father FIRST. This is not a strict requirement given to keep you single and to Himself, but a call of protection to give you a solid foundation and true picture of love. To validate your beauty and identity in Him, so you’re ready for whatever comes after. Because truth is, finding validation in a man wont satisfy you, not continually, not completely, despite how it seems. That our Father’s job.
God made you. He gave you the desires you’re feeling. He knows your heart and everything you’ve walked through, so He knows who He trusts with your heart. He is the One Who gives GOOD things to satisfy the desires of your heart. Not half-things, not confusing things, not things that bruise and break you.
Daughter of the King, your value is without measure. Be confident. Never sell yourself short. Most of all, be patient. Wait on Him.

“Young women of Jerusalem, I charge you, do not stir up or awaken love until the appropriate time.”
SOS 8:4

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